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Be #BristolFoodKind from home

By Ramona Andrews

Our food system has been brought into sharp focus in the last few weeks. We have seen the vulnerability of our food supply, farmers facing a shortage of workers and food businesses facing an unprecedented economic crisis.

On the flipside of this, we have also seen an incredible response from the food movement, right here in Bristol. Initiatives have sprung up across the city to support local food providers and to help ensure vulnerable people and key workers have the food they need. Individuals, businesses and community organisations are working together in new and inspiring ways to support Good Food at this challenging time.

Everyone can play a part in this response. The team behind Bristol’s bid to be a Gold Sustainable Food City have launched #BristolFoodKind, to share practical ideas on how to shop, reduce food waste and grow your own in a way that is considerate to yourself and your community. Although the Going for Gold bid is on pause, it’s more important than ever to be mindful of our relationship with food.

There are lots of things you can do from home. Buying from local, independent food providers can help secure the future of Bristol’s vibrant food scene. Buying what you need and eating what you buy helps ensure there is enough for all, saves money and reduces the strain on retailers and waste collectors. And growing your own fruit and vegetables, however little, is great for mental wellbeing, unbeatable for freshness, and puts the food you eat in your own hands.

Every act of food kindness can make a difference not only in our own lives, but to those who are growing our food, to local food businesses, and to those who are vulnerable. Together, we can contribute to a resilient food community for Bristol.

Follow #BristolFoodKind and encourage friends, family and colleagues to get involved. If your organisation is now working from home, share the #BristolFoodKind campaign as something positive staff can get involved with.

In addition to offering ideas on how you can help the city’s food movement from home, we are inviting everyone to share their stories and tips, to create a community of people contributing to Bristol’s food response. You will be able to keep track of the conversation on our hashtag wall.

Join #BristolFoodKind and support the Good Food response with small acts of food kindness from your home.

#BristolFoodKind is a collaboration between Bristol Green Capital Partnership, Bristol Food Network, Bristol City Council and Resource Futures.

Visit Bristol Food Network for more information and resources on Bristol’s Good Food response.

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