Food Justice

Bristol’s Food Justice Week

By Ped Asgarian

We hear from Feeding Bristol’s Ped Asgarian about Bristol’s Food Justice Week. Find out how you can get involved in events around the city, and be represented in the Food Equality Action Plan. (This event is now the week of 20 June. Find out more here.)

At Feeding Bristol we work towards food justice. We want Bristol to be a city where everyone has access to nutritious, affordable and culturally appropriate food, which is grown, produced, sold and consumed in ways that care for people and the environment.

Food Justice is about creating a food system that is fair for everyone. It is about recognising the systemic and institutional inequity that exists in how we grow, distribute, access and use food. It’s also about understanding how the skills and resources we have as individuals can differ depending on where we live, where we grow up, or what school we go to. Feeding Bristol acknowledges this injustice and is working to change this within our city.

To do this, we need to learn to create space to have difficult conversations in a safe way so that we can begin to identify barriers to food justice and create solutions and a pathway to a food system that is fit for purpose.

Beginning on Monday 20 May, we are holding a ‘Food Justice Week’ to begin conversations about making an equitable food system. We will be launching the One City Food Equality Strategy with Bristol City Council, and increasing awareness of the work going on around the city with organisations that are making a positive difference within our food system for those most at risk from food inequality.

During the week, we will be hosting events around the city to give people an opportunity to listen and learn about the work happening in their locality, and to be able to feedback on the actions that they want to see in the city that will make a difference. We want to hear your voices and ideas, and represent them in the Food Equality Action Plan.

These sessions are about coming together, sharing, learning and listening. And having some lovely food too!

Tuesday, 21 June: Food Equality Action plan and Food Justice Week Launch

We will be launching the Food Equality Strategy with the Bristol City Council Public Health and One City teams. The morning will include talks from Mayor Marvin Rees, Cllr Ellie King (Cabinet member for Public Health and Communities) and an overview of how we created the Food Equality Strategy. There will be an opportunity to give feedback on the actions that you would like to see, and the event will be available in-person and online, with facilitated online breakout rooms.

Capacity is capped at 100, but unlimited online.

We will also be holding events different locations in the city throughout the week, where we will talk about the Food Equality Strategy, food justice, and listen to the actions you want to see happen in your locality. Food will be provided at all events.

We hope you can come along and join in on the conversation.

All events and food provided free of charge.

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So, what change do you want to see happen that will transform food in Bristol by 2030? Do you already have an idea for how Bristol can make this happen? Join the conversation now.

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