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Bristol’s Climate Ask: play your part

By Ramona Andrews

Calling food businesses! Join fellow businesses in the city and declare your net zero climate ambition.

Since becoming the first city in the country to declare a climate emergency, much effort has been put in to ramp up the work to lower our carbon footprint to become climate-neutral and climate resilient by 2030.

The One City Climate Strategy sets out what needs to happen to achieve this, including the essential role of businesses and organisations. The decarbonisation of our economy will generate substantial business opportunities and will require all individuals, businesses and organisations to make changes, in the bid to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

Whether you’re well on your way to net zero, or just beginning your journey, join your fellow businesses and declare your net zero climate ambition. There’s help and support available to develop a plan to reduce carbon emissions to get you started.

To help inspire others to take action, if your business or organisation has a story to tell on its journey to net zero, publicise it on your website and social channels using the hashtag #BristolClimateAction

Your business might not have all the answers but promoting the steps you are taking is an easy way to reach new customers, to future-proof your business and to support the city-wide effort.

Visit the Bristol One City website for help getting started to reduce your carbon emissions.

See what other businesses in Bristol are doing on their move to becoming net zero.

Visit the Bristol Green Capital Partnership website to access a suite of tools, guides, articles and case studies to support your business.

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So, what change do you want to see happen that will transform food in Bristol by 2030? Do you already have an idea for how Bristol can make this happen? Join the conversation now.

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