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Food Justice

See what actions the Bristol Good Food Partnership are prioritising for Food Justice, to help everyone in the city access food that they need for a good quality of life, and that people working in the food sector are paid and treated fairly.

What’s it about?

Rising food inequalities in Bristol have been made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic, the climate and ecological emergencies, the cost of living crisis, and other national and global events. This has led to food shortages, price increases and failures in the supply chain.

The most disadvantaged people feel the greatest effects of food insecurity – on physical and mental health, neighbourhoods and the local environment, learning and employment opportunities, and social inclusion. Find out more about the Bristol Good Food Partnership’s priorities to tackle Food Justice here in the city and check in on the latest progress updates.


Priority themes where action needs to be taken to achieve food equality in Bristol have been identified in the One City Food Equality Strategy. Bristol Good Food 2030 activity in this theme will be led by this strategy and the Food Equality Action Plan with close collaboration to ensure that Bristol Good Food 2030’s action plans and the Food Equality Action Plan are aligned and support each other.

Progress Updates

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So, what change do you want to see happen that will transform food in Bristol by 2030? Do you already have an idea for how Bristol can make this happen? Join the conversation now.

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