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Apple day: making a Bristolian cider

University of Bristol Botanic Garden

University of Bristol Botanic Garden, The Holmes, Stoke Park Road, Stoke Bishop, BS9 1JG

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More apples than you can use? Donate them to be part of The Botanic Garden’s local cider project and enjoy a free cider!

Apple Day aims to reduce wastage of garden apples, bringing together the community and The Cider Box taprooms for this one-day event at the University of Bristol Botanic Garden.

How it works:

Give your apples a rinse (especially if they’re grubby) and bag them up. Bruised apples are fine but please no rotten apples!

Drop off your bags of apples between 5 – 7 October at one of three community hubs (watch this space for more information), or bring them along to the Botanic Garden on the day.

A 5kg donation of apples will give you 1 bottle of cider which you can collect from The Cider Box in April 2024!

All apple pomace will be donated to a local farm.

What apples can I donate?

Any apples are suitable for pressing. Please pick the fruit as close to possible to the day you donate them. We’ll only be able to use good quality fruit; it doesn’t have to be perfect, the odd bruise or is ok, but no rotten or even partially rotten fruit please! If you wouldn’t eat the apple, we can’t use it.

Where are the community hubs and when can I drop off my apples?

The community hubs are Bramble Farm in Knowle, Hillfields Community Garden, and Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust Apples will be collected from each hub and taken to the Botanic Garden for Apple Day. You can drop off your apples as follows:

  • University of Bristol Botanic Garden, Sunday 8th October, 11am until 3pm.
  • Bramble Farm, Saturday 7th October, 11am until 1pm.
  • Hillfields Community Garden, Saturday 7th October, 1pm until 2pm (Hillfields Library).
  • Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust, Thursday 5th October and Friday 6th October, 9am until 3pm.

How do I collect my cider?

If you’ve chosen to receive cider (rather than apple juice on the day) then we will email you around April/May 2024 to let you know it’s ready to collect.

How many apples can I donate?

You can donate as many apples as you like, although we will be giving a maximum of 5 bottles of cider per donation.

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