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Asylum seeker-led Ghanian Cookery Class with Migrateful


St Werburghs Community Centre, Horley Rd, St Werburghs, BS2 9TJ

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A sample menu of the dishes that will be taught includes:

* Chinkafa Da Wakye (Rice and Beans)
* Ampesie Brodie (Boiled Plantain)
* Abomudayua (Garden Egg Stew) | Fish; Fish, Sulphites,Celery
* Shitto (Ghana’s Chilli ‘Secret Sauce’) | Fish; Fish, Crustaceans,Celery
* Bofrot (Carrot Doughnuts) | Vegetarian; Gluten, Milk

This menu caters to both vegetarians and those who eat fish. Allergens include: gluten, milk, eggs, shellfish.

A message from our Chef Mansura:

“My name is Mansura. I am from an inland town in Northern Ghana called Salaga. It’s the capital of East Gonja district and was the biggest slave market in West Africa. I came to the UK in April 2015. I have a 5-year old son named Ibrahim who goes to school here in Bristol. I learned cooking in a polygamous family, cooking for a lot of people. As a child, I learned by watching and I helped by bringing water, washing the food, chopping onions and so on. In our country, men are in control and women don’t have much of a voice. Here, a woman can do anything – be a mechanic or a doctor or an engineer. I love to cook and I love teaching. I play Twi and Hausa music during my classes! I am confident because I am teaching what I know. I really enjoy it and I really appreciate the Migrateful program. They have made me aware of other culture’s cuisines.”

Migrateful is an award-winning charity & social enterprise supporting asylum seekers, refugees & migrants in their journey to integration & independence through preparing them to lead cookery classes in their native cuisine. As well as London, Brighton & Kent.

Migrateful runs classes in Bristol led by seven different chefs and hosted at Cooking It, Coexist Kitchen and St Werburghs. Cuisines include Sri Lankan, Ghanaian, Sudanese and Nigerian.

£35 + booking fee.

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