Eating Better

Aylum Seeker-led Ghanaian Cookery Class with Migrateful


St Werburghs Community Centre, Horley Rd, St Werburghs, BS2 9TJ

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Migrateful is an award-winning charity & social enterprise supporting asylum seekers, refugees & migrants in their journey to integration & independence through preparing them to lead cookery classes in their native cuisine. As well as London, Brighton & Kent, Migrateful runs classes in Bristol led by seven different chefs and hosted at Cooking It, Coexist Kitchen and St Werburghs. Cuisines include Sri Lankan, Ghanaian, Sudanese and Nigerian.

A message from our Chef Mansura:

“My name is Mansura. I am from an inland town in Northern Ghana called Salaga. It’s the capital of East Gonja district and was the biggest slave market in West Africa. I came to the UK in April 2015. I have a 5-year old son named Ibrahim who goes to school here in Bristol. I learned cooking in a polygamous family, cooking for a lot of people. As a child, I learned by watching and I helped by bringing water, washing the food, chopping onions and so on. In our country, men are in control and women don’t have much of a voice. Here, a woman can do anything – be a mechanic or a doctor or an engineer. I love to cook and I love teaching. I play Twi and Hausa music during my classes! I am confident because I am teaching what I know. I really enjoy it and I really appreciate the Migrateful program. They have made me aware of other culture’s cuisines.”

A sample menu of the dishes that will be taught include:

Chinkafa Da Wakye (Rice and Beans)
Hausa Abomu Wakye (Rice and Beans Stew)
Ampesie Brodie (Boiled Plantain)
Abomudayua (Garden Egg Stew)
Shitto (Ghana’s Chilli ‘Secret Sauce’)
Bofrot (Carrot Doughnuts)
This menu caters to both vegetarians and those who eat fish. Allergens include: gluten, milk, eggs, shellfish.


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Date Start: 03/10/2023

Date End: 03/10/2023

Time Start: 18:00

Time End: 20:30

Event Recurrence: None

Interests: {Interests (First Choice):24.1}, {Interests (Second Choice):24.2}, {Interests (Third Choice):24.3}

Event Theme: Eating Better

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Other Interests: Migration, Refugees, Asylum-seekers

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