Good Food Governance

Climate change and food shocks: what do we know and what can we expect?

Cadence Roundtable

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At this (repeat) workshop Cadence Roundtable will examine the drivers of the UK’s oncoming food security crisis.

The global food system is facing crisis – and we have only just begun to see the impacts of climate change. Food security in the UK is under pressure from war in Ukraine, Brexit, soil degradation and a squeeze on the supply of fertiliser – and in 2022 unprecedented droughts across the northern hemisphere. The poorest households are already under stress; now rising both food and energy prices threaten a public health emergency.

Even if peace is restored in Ukraine, it is likely that other risks will only worsen. It is time for a new system capable of withstanding short-term shocks and ongoing depletion, in the UK and overseas.

At this workshop we will examine the drivers of the UK’s oncoming food security crisis, at home and worldwide. We will reflect on the range of policy measures that are required, and incumbent policies and practices that must be dismantled. Those attending will have a chance to explore what part our own sector and role can play in the transition.

Upon request, this work shop is a repeat of an event which took place in February. All welcome.

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