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Coexist Community Kitchen: Thai From Chiang Mai

Coexist Community Kitchen

The Coexist Community Kitchen, Mivart Street Studios, Unit 10 Epstein Building, Bristol, BS5 6JF

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Indulge your curiosity about Thai cooking and discover the art of balancing sweet, salty, sour, and spicy flavours in our ‘Thai From Chiang Mai’ Cooking Workshop. Led by our expert chef, this glorious evening will transport you to the North of Thailand as we focus on creating the famous dish ‘Khao Soi’.

In this session, you’ll learn to prepare the creamy and slightly spicy yellow curry, infused with the richness of coconut, the zing of fresh lemongrass, and the warmth of galangal. But that’s not all! We’ll also guide you in making the perfect accompanying noodles and two traditional Thai side dishes that will complement the entire meal.

After the cooking session, we’ll gather to savour the fruits of our labour. And don’t forget to bring your Tupperware, as we always make enough for you to take some of your culinary creations home with you!

Timings: Arrival at 18:15 // Class ends at 21:30

**We currently have one free space available for individuals who are unemployed or accessing support services. To apply for this place, please email

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