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Cook with Ayham, learn Syrian cuisine!

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Learn how to cook Kebab Kazan with Ayham and 2015 BBC Chef of the Year Jo Ingleby!

This is a baked dish made from layers of aubergine and minced beef fanned out in a dish and covered with a tomato-based sauce and baked to perfection.

Following his passion for food Ayham learnt to cook after leaving Syria, by teaching himself how to do so and sharing meals with friends.

“I think people will be excited to know Syrian recipes and the results are amazing. I just want to pass this feeling…

I feel comfortable when I cook, I feel comfortable being in the kitchen. I throw my negative energy away. I like the process to it, like chopping and mixing the ingredients. I feel happy when I cook for many people.”

Difficulty: Easy-moderate. Suitable for teenagers and families together. Contains meat.


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