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Eastville Food and Nature Connection Group

Friends of Eastville Park

Eastville Park, Fishponds Road, BS5 6XA

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A regular weekly group for people living in the Eastville area to connect and share food and skills.

We welcome you to this new friendly regular group which is focussing on food and nature connection.

If the weather isn’t great we will stay around the hut and cook/eat a delicious meal together or preserve food, make pesto and bake for example. Please email any allergies or intolerances to the email address.

We will head out if it’s dry to connect in nature with projects local to the hut and the park itself.

We might be gardening, doing conservation tasks, skills for self-reliance, foraging or walking and talking.

A reasonable amount of physical fitness is therefore required for this group (ability to walk two miles) and we can go at a pace that suits you!

On the map below, the yellow arrowshows the community hub (Nissen hut) next to the bowling green and the blue arrow shows the car park (2 minute flat walk). The Nissen hut can be found here on Google Maps.

Eastville Park's Nissen Hut

If you have any questions please email:



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