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Better Food, 21 Sevier Street Saint Werburgh's, BS2 9LB

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like dining out on food that boosts your overall health? Well, A.P. Chef x Better Food brings you inspiring ideas on how to incorporate Bath Culture House ferments into your cooking and diet.

Ali Pumfrey and her team intertwines the bold, punchy flavours of the ferments into this menu. Rather than overpowering the palate, these ferments are masterfully integrated to complement each dish, enhancing its depth and complexity. Whether used as a garnish, paired with eggs, incorporated into salads, blended into sauces, or even featured as a fruity accent, the versatility of The Bath Culture House ferments will hopefully inspire and showcase the inventive ways to incorporate fermented foods into cooking.

The menu is a culinary voyage inspired by flavours from around the world, meticulously crafted with a fusion of global tastes. However, at the heart of our culinary creations lies a commitment to supporting local producers and farmers. Every dish is crafted using the very best ingredients available, providing a dining experience that celebrates both global diversity and local sustainability.

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Please provide your dietary requirements upon booking. A.P.Chef likes to be inclusive so are delighted to cater for vegans and allergen requirements, but please do let them know in advance. If they don’t hear in advance, they will assume you have no dietary requirements.


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