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Menopause Talk with Nutritional Therapist Claire Cohen

Better Food

Better Food, 21 Sevier Street Saint Werburgh's, BS2 9LB

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Natural solutions for perimenopause symptoms, menopause and beyond.

Join Better Food for a women’s health talk to celebrate World Menopause Day, presented by health and body-care advisor and Registered Nutritional Therapist Claire Cohen.

“Natural solutions for perimenopause symptoms, menopause and beyond.”

Are you approaching that transformative phase of life known as menopause, or perhaps you’re already navigating the challenges of perimenopause? If so, we have an exciting and empowering event just for you! This talk is designed to remove any fear and equip you with the knowledge and tools to thrive through your 40s and beyond, embracing menopause with confidence and grace.

What to Expect:

Insights into the hormonal changes during perimenopause and how they impact your body and mind. Discover the science behind menopause and gain a deeper understanding of what is going on in your body.

Nutrition Secrets:

Learn how the power of nutrition can be harnessed to ease menopause symptoms and support your overall well-being. We’ll explore menopause-friendly foods, essential nutrients, and simple achievable dietary adjustments that can make a big difference.

Nature’s Solutions:

We will discuss herbal remedies and nutritional supplements that can offer relief and support at this stage.

Community and Support:

A relaxed environment where you can feel comfortable asking questions, share stories, resources and the chance to connect with others on this journey over a cup of tea.

Also included with the talk will be an exclusive goodie bag, with a free gift and a handout packed with valuable tips, recipes, and resources to help you.


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