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Migrant-led Somali Cookery Class with Migrateful


St Werburghs Community Centre, Horley Rd, St Werburghs, BS2 9TJ

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A sample menu of the dishes that will be taught include:

* Beef Squaar (Beef Stew)
* Vegetable Squaar (Vegetable Stew)
* Barissie Iskudaskars(Seasoned Rice)
* Shidni (Spicey Chutney)
* Kebase (Somalian Chapatti)

This menu caters to both vegetarians and those who eat meat (beef). Allergens include: milk, eggs, gluten, celery.

A message from our Chef Obah:
“Hello, my name is Obah. I am from Somalia but was born and grew up in Kuwait. I never cooked when I was young, as my mum never had time to teach us. I learnt to cook when I got married to my husband 23 years ago, starting with Kabes (Somalian chapatti). It didn’t turn out perfect the first time, but I was determined to do it again and from there I just learnt through practicing. I really enjoy learning about new food from different cultures, and mixing them together!.”

Migrateful is an award-winning charity & social enterprise supporting asylum seekers, refugees & migrants in their journey to integration & independence through preparing them to lead cookery classes in their native cuisine. As well as London, Brighton & Kent.

Migrateful runs classes in Bristol led by seven different chefs and hosted at Cooking It, Coexist Kitchen and St Werburghs. Cuisines include Sri Lankan, Ghanaian, Sudanese and Nigerian.

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