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Navigating the Community Ownership Fund for Land Stewardship

Shared Assets

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Shared Assets is hosting an online event supporting land-based groups to access the Community Ownership Fund and develop their projects.

As part of the Community Ownership Fund support programme, Shared Assets is running a free webinar to empower groups and social enterprises with insights on accessing grants and securing long-term stewardship models for land.

The webinar will be discussing the Community Ownership Fund, which is supporting communities to take ownership of their local assets, and groups can apply for up to £250k through the fund.

This webinar is hosted by Shared Assets, and will be answering the following questions:

  • What is the Community Ownership Fund?
  • How might the land movement access a grant?
  • What support is available to help land-based groups to apply?
  • How can you make a strong application to the fund?
  • How can an enterprise model help you to secure long-term stewardship of your asset?

This event is for you if you are part of a land-based project working for social and environmental goals, and in need of support for your long-term finances.

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