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The Coexist Community Kitchen: Autumn Weaning Workshop

Coexist Community Kitchen

The Coexist Community Kitchen, Mivart Street Studios, Unit 10 Epstein Building, Bristol, BS5 6JF

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This one is for all you new parents out there! 

So you’ve mastered breastfeeding or bottle feeding, but now you want to know when and how to introduce solid foods. We’ve got you covered with these upcoming Weaning Workshops led by amazing nutritionist and long-term friend of the Coexist Kitchen, Cori Flynn. 🍼🥣

Cori will guide you through the exciting world of weaning, combining baby-led and spoon-fed approaches. Plus, she’ll have a trained specialist on hand to share some essential baby first aid tips to boost your confidence with thicker textures and food pieces. Safety first! 😊

But wait, there’s more! We’ll also prepare a delicious, seasonal lunch together and sit down to enjoy it with you and your little one (if they’re ready for solids).

So whether you’re just starting to consider weaning or seeking extra guidance on what you’re already offering your baby, this workshop is perfect for you. And it’s also a great opportunity to hang out with other lovely parents and savour some scrumptious food! 🍽️


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