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Returning to the Soil

Bountiful Bristol

St Werburghs City Farm, Watercress Rd, BS2 9YJ

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This Bountiful Bristol community gathering is about exploring together why growing and donating food from allotments can strengthen local communities. 

We want to spark off more ‘Bountiful Partnerships’ and we need YOU to help us!

  • Are you a Bristol allotment holder?
  • Do you work in a community food project?
  • Perhaps you are a citizen wanting to engage in tangible positive climate action?
  • Or do you work for Bristol City Council in a role with allotments, food growing and green spaces?

IF YES then we NEED YOU!!!!!!

What to Expect
You will be warmly welcomed. We will gather to find out more about Bountiful Bristol, hearing from different speakers connected to the project. As we connect with our awareness of the current challenges we will turn to nature to support us in this exploration. We will eat food, enjoy the fire, craft offerings for the coming growing season and maybe even hear some music. The last section of the day will focus on connecting with others, committed action and finding the emerging ‘Bountiful’ partnerships. All sessions will be facilitated. We ask that people are able to stay for the whole day.

Who should join?

  • Anyone with an allotment in Bristol (perhaps you even already make donations but would like to connect with the city wide project)
  • Anyone concerned about current challenges (food poverty, pollution, health and wellbeing)
  • Anyone who works/volunteers for a community food project (e.g. food clubs/banks, projects that cook and distribute food) or community growing space.
  • Anyone already involved with similar projects and you want to support the work of Bountiful Bristol or perhaps share your learning
  • Anyone who is curious and keen to take positive environmental and social action!

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