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The Coexist Community Kitchen: Vegetarian Anatolian & Middle Eastern Mezze course

The Coexist Community Kitchen

The Coexist Community Kitchen, Mivart Street Studios, Unit 10 Epstein Building, Bristol, BS5 6JF

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Come try out new recipes with all the store cupboard ingredients you don’t have at home!

One of the Coexist team, Ari – like many of us- has always been inspired by Ottolenghi style recipes and Middle Eastern flavours. Developing incredible tastes with all the delights of sugar, salt, heat and fat- knowing the right balance of spices and ingredients.

However, when we look at a recipe book- we don’t always have everything in our pantries! Come join us to learn some new recipes and make a delicious meal together.

Ari will have just done some work experience at one of the Ottolenghi restaurants in London. Of course, she claims to be no Yotam but is eager to share some new ideas.

Bring drinks for dinner if you want, an apron and some tupperware.


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