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Bristol Good Food 2030 is a framework for action to transform the city’s food system within this decade, supporting its ambitions on health, climate, biodiversity and social justice. All documents, including reports, the action plans, the framework summary and appendices relating to the framework will be available here.

Bristol Good Food 2030: A One City Framework for Action

Bristol Good Food 2030: A One City Framework for Action sets out priorities and initiatives that aim to make Bristol’s food system better for people and communities, climate and nature, workers and businesses.

Bristol Good Food 2030 builds on Bristol’s Sustainable Food Places Gold Award, received in 2021, and has been developed with input from more than 50 organisations, representing diverse voices.

Bristol Good Food 2030: A One City Framework For Action – Launch event recording

Rewatch the launch of Bristol Good Food 2030: A One City Framework for Action.
Sparks Bristol, 12th June 2023.

Bristol Good Food 2024 Action Plans

The purpose of the Action Plans is to describe, in detail, the improvements we want to see in the food system up until 2024, how those changes will be achieved and by whom. The actions are described using the structure provided by the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, to which Bristol has made a commitment.

This plan has been put together by Bristol Food Network, created by the Bristol Good Food Partnership and supported by Bristol City Council (BCC). Bristol Food Network has taken on leadership of this project, following the successful Going for Gold project that made Bristol one of the first cities to win the Sustainable Food Places (SFP) Gold Award.

Bristol Good Food 2024 Action plan indicators

Progress on the Action Plans will be measured through two sets of indicators. 

High level indicators, yet to be published, will track overall progress against the Action Plan outcomes.

The short-term indicators below measure progress on specific actions that are already underway and contributing to the Action Plan outcomes.

A Visual Introduction to Bristol Good Food 2030

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