Privacy statement

When you fill in the ‘submit your own event’ or ‘contact us’ form on the Bristol Good Food 2030 website, you are asked to supply your name and email address. Your privacy is important and any data collected through these forms will be protected.

Bristol Food Network (BFN) is the data controller and is responsible for ensuring that any information provided through the Bristol Good Food 2030 website is only collected to provide the service of either publishing an event on the website, or to interact with you about Bristol Good Food 2030. BFN will maintain the highest standards necessary to protect your personal information.

This privacy notice explains how we use information about you, and explains about protecting your privacy.

Protecting your information

We work hard to make sure that any personal information you supply via forms on the Bristol Good Food 2030 website is:

  • looked after securely
  • only available to those who has a right to see it

Some of the ways we do this are by:

  • controlling access to systems and networks
  • training of staff so they understand how to look after your information
  • putting in place controls over where data is stored
  • deleting personal information when it is no longer needed: once you fill out the ‘submit your own event’ form, your event will be reviewed by a member of the team and added to the Events Calendar and as soon as the event is published on the website, we will no longer need to retain your email address to interact with you. If you have a query about an event you have provided us information for, please contact us.

How long do we keep information supplied through our forms?

Any private information related to an event will only be kept as long as needed to publish the event you have provided details for.


Please ensure that you have appropriate permissions to use any images that you supply for your event. Images will be used across Bristol Good Food 2030 Comms channels unless individuals explicitly ask for them not to be. Images will be stored and used for the duration of the programme, and, where relevant will be shared with project partners in order to communicate about Bristol Good Food 2030 specifically.

Contacting us

Please note that the data you include in our ‘contact us’ form will be sent to BFN via the internet. There are risks involved in electronic communication. By submitting a form via the website, you consent that, for the purpose of contacting you, responding to your query, or directing you to the appropriate person across the Bristol Good Food 2030 Partnership, BFN staff will be contact you via the provided email address. If you do not provide us with an email address we will be unable to contact you, or it may be difficult to respond to your query or direct you to the appropriate person within the Partnership.

Use of cookies on the websites

We sometimes store small files called cookies on your computer or other devices to help improve your experience on our website.
We collect web statistics automatically about your visit to our site based on your IP address.
This information is used to help us to improve your experience on our website. Read about the Bristol Good Food 2030 website cookie policy.