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Welcome to the Greedy Goats Café at St Werburghs City Farm!  

By Begoña de la Fuente (in collaboration with the young café team)

Hear all about St Werburghs City Farm’s Tuesday café and how you can taste their homemade, affordable vegetarian meals. After a social media poll, the café team landed on the brilliant new name Greedy Goats Café. 

Every Tuesday during term time, a group of young people meet at the Farm to cook, serve, and eat meals for our local community through their newly named, Greedy Goats Café.  

The café is part of our Child and Youth teams’, Work2Learn scheme, a community project run for young people between the age of 12-18, offering educational and wellbeing-focused opportunities as an alternative to the school curriculum.  

Greedy Goats is a pop-up café that is open from 12:30 – 1:30 pm every Tuesday during term-time. Together we decide on the menu, cook it, sell it, and learn the basics of how to run a social enterprise.  

We offer homemade, affordable vegetarian meals (where possible we also cater for alternative dietary requirements), to customers of all backgrounds and profiles. Together we learn about how to manage resources, gain professional experience, and develop essential life skills that support confidence and independence.  

We also talk about the journey of food and the importance of healthy living, but perhaps most important, is it to make new friends and have a lot of fun! We are proud to be a joyful, quirky, and experimental cafe that supports a diverse community through the love of homemade, tasty food. 

You can also hire us to cater for celebrations or professional gatherings at a low cost, so if you are thinking of taking your staff, family, or friends out for lunch on a Tuesday, let us know in advance and we will book the space for your private use.  

To apply for a young person to join the team, or to hire the space for lunch, email us at

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