Food Justice

Moveable Feast: a catering company with a difference!

By Bibiana Krauskova

Moveable Feast is Bristol Hospitality Network’s social enterprise arm that supports asylum seekers facing destitution. The mission of Bristol Hospitality Network (BHN) and its social enterprise is to create a safe supportive space that is open to learning, curiosity and avoids a culture of judgement and censorship, and cares for people’s well-being.

Moveable Feast offers catering for various private and public events, such as conferences, AGMs, team meetings, weddings, parties and many more. The profit we make goes into providing vital assistance to asylum seekers through the provision of supported accommodations and personalised integration services, as well as equipping individuals with the essential resources they require to contribute meaningfully to our society.

We work with amazing people who have been made destitute by the UK’s asylum system. Our chefs are asylum seekers who volunteer with us, and they come from all around the world. They love to share their culture through food making, preparing amazing catering or delivering culinary sessions.

Moveable Feast offers Bristol Hospitality Network members and refugees to connect with UK citizens, improve skills for integration and employment, and make them feel less lonely and more part of the community. We make people feel Accepted and Empowered.

“Being involved in Moveable Feast not only helped my personal growth but also allowed me to keep myself occupied, maintain my mental well-being, and find a profound purpose for living. The time spent with Moveable Feast positively contributed to the quality of my life.” (BHN member.)

There are different ways you can support the BHN mission. You can hire Moveable Feast catering service and by feasting on delicious food, you are helping destitute asylum seekers. Moreover, you can become a host or volunteer at BHN to make a tangible difference to the lives of people seeking safety in the UK.

Get in touch through our website or contact us via email. 

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