Good food governance

See what actions the Bristol Good Food Partnership are prioritising related to Good Food Governance and check in on the latest progress updates.

What’s it about?

Good Food Governance looks at the way we make decisions about our food system, the policies and plans we have in place to support those decisions, and the networks that collaborate to make them. As a city, we need Good Food Governance to make sure that our food system works for people and communities, climate and nature, workers and businesses, not only now, but for generations to come, whatever the future holds.

Read on to find out which actions the Bristol Good Food Partnership are prioritising to support the way we make decisions in the city and the networks that collaborate to make them. By taking an active interest in food in our local communities, or having a say in food planning for the city, we can all play our part.


All Bristol Good Food 2030 Working Groups aim to take a whole food system approach, meaning that the work considers and takes action on food in many settings, involving key actors at every level, which is of particular relevance for governance.

Priority 1:
Apply for funding to do the necessary research required to create disaster plans for various scenarios.


Priority 2:
Build from the work done during lockdowns to create a food-aid plan for future scenarios.

Priority 3:
Work with the local authority and community groups to create a workable plan for the next disaster.

Priority 4:
Map available data on the Bristol food system.

Progress Updates

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