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Bristol Cider Club | Bud Grafting Workshop

Bristol Cider Club

The Cider Box Tap Room, Arch 5 Silverthorne Lane, BS2 0QD

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Develop new skills, broaden your conservation knowledge, try some great ciders, and take home your very own baby apple tree!

What to expect:
> Graft your own fledgling apple tree using professional tools
> Learn about orchard conservation and how it helps wildlife and local communities and businesses
> Enjoy some local ciders, courtesy of The Cider Box and Orchard Revival
Tuck into a healthy dose of cheese, carbs, and other snack food

This session is perfect if you’re interested in nature, gardening, permaculture, and small-scale farming, or just curious about where traditional cider and perry come from.

(Any grafted trees you don’t wish to take home will be donated to an orchard.)

Arborist, conservationist, and educator Tim Andrews is the founder of Orchard Revival, a Gloucestershire-based initiative helping restore and maintain struggling orchards. He’ll be leading this workshop and sharing his own stories and knowledge (and some of his cider) through the evening.

*Everyone’s welcome, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned horticulturist. You’ll be shown how to use the tools provided and guided through each step in a casual, relaxed setting. (18+ only.) *

What is grafting?
Grafting involves bonding a small section of one fruit tree (the scion) to another living tree with its own root system (the rootstock). It works like cloning, giving new trees the same traits of the chosen parent tree – i.e., they produce the same kind of fruit, have the same disease resistance, grow in the same way, etc. This is vital for producing consistent, high-quality cider or perry. It can also give the new tree a head start, reducing the wait time for harvesting.

What to expect on the evening (times are approximate):
18:30 – Welcome drink and introduction
19:00 – Grafting session
20:30 – Wrap-up and drinks

About Orchard Revival:
Orchard Revival provides care and conservation for traditional orchards in Gloucestershire and the surrounding area. Its ethos is to respect tradition, protect wildlife, and preserve our landscape.
The Orchard Revival team restores struggling orchards, giving them a new reason to live. Rescued from neglect, and replanted with heritage apple and pear varieties, they can go on be enjoyed for generations to come. As well as planting, pruning, and delivering maintenance, Orchard Revival provides education in restoration, conservation, and cider making. This helps create a sustainable future for traditional orchards and the communities and wildlife who rely on them.


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