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Cook with Imran, learn Pakistani cuisine!

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Cook vegan or lamb mince samosas with mint chutney with Imran and michelin-star chef Josh Eggleton!

Pakistani born Imran is really excited to share his two samosa recipes with you served with a mint chutney. Showing us how to make lamb mince samosas and potato chaat version (with peas and onions), you will learn how to present samosas for your meat eating and vegetarian friends, alike. We are super excited to see Imran and Josh cook these tasty pillows of joy!

By adding Chole (chickpea curry) and salad to the mix, you can also make Samosa Chaat and present a well-rounded plate that is a Pakistani & Indian classic.

A classic street-food dish that Imran started eating as a daily snack when leaving school as a child. “When I was in college, outside they sold samosa with chickpea curry and chutney, and we would eat them every day. I watched how they made them and one day I made them myself.”

“When other children were playing, I would cook for fun. Some people eat food to live, I live for food.”

Difficulty: Easy-moderate. Suitable for children and teenagers. Adult supervision required for frying. Meat and vegan/vegetarian options. £30.

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