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Cook with Mehbooba, learn Bangladeshi cuisine!

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Cook perfect Bangladeshi Pulau Rice with Mehbooba and cookbook author Jenny Chandler!

Who still struggles to make a pilau with tantalizingly light and fluffy rice with all the right spices to make the perfect pilau?! Mehbooba, who originates from Bangladesh is going to show us how to perfect this celebratory version of pilau rice that is made at Eid, weddings and holidays. Using a carefully curated mixture of spices this is a dish that many people will want in their cooking repertoire.

Mehbooba will also be cooking a simple red lentil and tomato dal that goes beautifully with pulau rice!

“My mother would make small portions for me every day back home and I’d convince people that came over to try my mom’s wonderful cooking.

To be honest, I like to eat more than to cook so during my time in the UK, I couldn’t find the pulao like the one at home as the number of Indian cuisines couldn’t match the same feeling and taste so I decided to take it into my hands and learn it from my mother and a great companion of mine.”

Mehbooba’s three children are big pilau LOVERS, making this the perfect dish to enjoy with family and friends.

Difficulty: Easy – family friendly. Vegetarian, vegan, Gluten free. £30.

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