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Cooking It Vegan and Vegetarian Cookery Class

Cooking It

Cooking It!, 3, Chandos Road, BS6 6PG

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Everybody is talking about vegan food right now. It’s good for your health, it’s good for the planet and it’s good for animals. But does it taste good?  It certainly does. And how do you make sure you have a balanced diet?  Easily, when you know the basics. And how easy is it to cook really delicious tasty food?  Very, when you have a few skills up your sleeve.

Cooking It courses are designed to demystify vegan eating and cooking and to provide the skills and knowledge to get you started on the right track – whether you want to go for the full-on vegan lifestyle, have a child who has just announced they are now vegan or are just looking for creative ways to introduce more plant-based food into your diet.
As well as providing you with some great recipes and some nifty knife and vegetable chopping skills, this class will give you the lowdown on plant-based nutrition so you can make sure you are getting an optimally healthy diet.

Weekdays Evening Vegan Cooking Classes are 2.5 hours long. These classes are run by in-house chefs Paul Mannering and/or Mark Belford. Contact organiser for details of cost.

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