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Growing a better world: Poppy Okotcha lecture

University of Bristol Botanic Garden

The Anson Rooms, Richmond Building, University of Bristol, 105 Queens Rd, BS8 1LN

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This special lecture for the autumn is a collaboration between University of Bristol Student Union and the University of Bristol Botanic Garden.

Poppy Okotcha is an ecological home grower, working to inspire reconnection to land and the living world. In this talk Poppy will explore the benefits of home-scale ecological food growing. From soil health to gut health, food sovereignty, community empowerment and mental health, connecting with our gardens has proven benefits for mind, body and the environments around us.

“Human wellbeing is totally connected to that of the Earth’s soils, ecosystems and the whole planet at large because we are nature. I find understanding where our food comes from offers the fastest route into grasping a truly symbiotic relationship with nature, a necessary shift in our time.”

Gardens in Britain cover an estimated 10 million acres, an area greater than all of our nature reserves combined and just under half the utilised agricultural land. As isolated islands, our gardens may be small, but when viewed en masse they become a patchwork quilt of opportunity.

A former model, horticulturist Poppy Okotcha is now creating her own edible and medicinal garden at her home in Devon. She regularly posts on Instagram, inspiring her followers to learn about how to grow and forage their own food whilst encouraging us all to connect to the natural world.

Poppy has appeared on BBC Gardeners’ World and is a regular contributor to the Royal Horticultural Society podcast, and Channel 4 The Great Garden Revolution.

Students, UoB Staff and Friends of the Botanic Garden can book for free, but will be required to show proof of eligibility on entry.

Standard Tickets cost £12 each.

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