Food Justice

Is Food Justice at the heart of our decision making? Hybrid discussion

Bristol Researchers' Food Justice Network

Bristol Researchers’ Food Justice Network hosts a discussion about the meaning of Food Justice and how we can learn from recent challenges, part of Food Justice Fortnight 2023.

Everyone is welcome to join the interactive discussion in person or online!

Hosted by Bristol Researchers’ Food Justice Network, this University of Bristol group brings multi-disciplinary expertise to explore the meaning of Food Justice and understand socio-environmental challenges across food systems. This session brings together research with on-the-ground insights and action to ask the important question: how we can learn from recent challenges?

This session will be chaired by Dr. Lydia Medland and Dr. Rob Skinner will give an introduction to the origins of ‘Food Justice’ before Dr. Lauren Blake outlines the policy-focused research project Disaster Risk Reduction Planning for Food Security in collaboration with Feeding Bristol and Bristol Food Network. This will be followed by an engaging discussion about the community food response during the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent Cost-of-Living Crisis with guests Samira Musse from Barton Hill Activity Club and Ben Copeland from Caring in Bristol’s Bristol Goods project. In line with some of the goals of the One City Food Equality Strategy and Action Plan, the conversation will focus on how we can learn from recent challenges and embed food justice and a food systems approach at the heart of decision-making.

In-person venue: 7 Woodland Road, University of Bristol, Bristol, BS8 1TN (the main entrance to the Humanities building). Room: ARTS CMPLX 1.H030

Links for online access:

Meeting ID: 934 0079 8977

What is Food Justice Fortnight?

Food Justice Fortnight is an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful and diverse food communities creating positive change within our city.

Between June 26th and July 9th, Food Justice events will be taking place all over Bristol. There’ll be discussions, activities and many shared meals! Information about events can be found on Feeding Bristol’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Why do we need Food Justice?

Food is essential to good health, wellbeing and a thriving society; food is often the glue that holds communities together. Recent years have seen an increase in the number of people who are unable to eat well according to their health and culture – this is Food Inequality, and it is a huge injustice.

Bringing people together over food helps build our resilience, but we need to do more if we want to address the injustice of food inequality in the city. For this reason, we’ve created the One City Food Equality Action Plan and are launching it during Food Justice Fortnight. The Action Plan, which was co-produced by citizens and stakeholders of Bristol, sets out what we need to do over the next three years to start laying the groundwork for food equality in the city.

By connecting over food and collaborating to create community-based solutions, we are participating in Food Justice.

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