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Migrateful Pescatarian Ghanaian Cookery Class with Mansura | Family Style | BRISTOL


Cooking It!, 3, Chandos Road, BS6 6PG

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Chef Mansura will teach delicious, authentic Ghanaian dishes followed by a sit-down meal. Warm and easy, like being with family!

Nothing beats a home-cooked meal shared with family! And this is what inspires Migrateful’s Family Style Cookery Classes, a fun, laid-back homestyle cooking experience. Here, you will learn to prepare different dishes and then enjoy them with people who, like you, fuel our mission of supporting refugee and migrant chefs on their journey to integration. It’s a cookery class with a conscience, like they say!

This cookery class will be led by wonderful Chef Mansura from Ghana at Cooking It in Bristol.

At Migrateful’s Family Style Cookery Classes, you will be grouped with other participants and prepare dishes together as a team. Think of Chef Mansura as the head of the family! She will take care of dividing the class into groups, and each group will be responsible for creating one of the dishes. Of course, you are welcome and encouraged to move around during the class to learn about the other dishes being prepared. Throughout the evening, Chef Mansura will share stories about their food and culture, and explain how to prepare each of the dishes so you come away with some new cooking tricks and inspiration from Ghana. You will also be emailed the recipes after the class.


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