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Real Bread Week

Real Bread Campaign

The annual, international celebration of additive-free bread and the people behind its rise.

What is Real Bread Week?

Created and run by the Real Bread Campaign since 2010, #RealBreadWeek is the annual, international celebration of Real Bread and the people behind its rise.

Buy, bake, boost

We run it to focus and brighten the spotlight on our key work of encouraging and helping people to:

  • BUY Real Bread from local, independent bakeries
  • BAKE their own Real Bread

We also rattle the collection tin a bit harder for Sustain, to BOOST the charity behind Real Bread Campaign.

Each year, bakeries, baking schools, mills, schools, care homes, youth and other community groups around the world bake special loaves and run classes and other activities.

Meanwhile countless people bake at home, some with their children other family members, colleagues or friends, and take to social media with photos of themselves with loaves they’ve baked or bought.

Go to the Sustain website to find out more and get involved.

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