Food Redistributors In Bristol

What’s it about?

This tool has been designed to help any businesses, especially food businesses, understand what to do with any surplus food. Bristol has many organisations working to redistribute food and relieve food poverty. Each organisation deals with different types and volumes of food, making it important that the right food gets to the right organisation so it can be fully utilised.

The tools provides a range of filters to help you identify which of the many dedicated food redistribution organisations working across the city will be best suited to your needs. By ensuring your food goes to the best destination, you can help ensure your food surplus is being put to best use.

  • The tool allows you to filter redistribution services based on a range of criteria. Filter by as many categories as possible to reach the most appropriate organisation for your needs.
  • Try to give organisations as much notice as possible of any available surplus food. Demand on their services is high and longer lead tines can help with planning.
  • Last minute surplus? Be aware that the first time you contact the relevant redistribution organisation they may not be able to process your food in time. However, this still provides a relationship building opportunity, and will make it more likely your food can be processed next time.
  • Small, one off food surplus donations? Often the most suitable route to small food groups is via Feeding Bristol. Feeding Bristol hold the most up to date information on Bristol’s volunteer led groups and can link you through to the most appropriate group in your area of Bristol.

Filters are not compulsory, but use as many as you can to give best results