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  1. I already do the first 4 things, I work from home and have no involvement with any school. I will endeavour to grow a greater proportion of my own food (organically of course), but my main pledge is to increase my efforts to engage more on this subject with those not already so ‘in the know’.

  2. Like KS I already do the first 4 things, and lucky enough to have a large garden and an allotment, – for the latter it is written into the tenancy agreement that only organic growing methods are permitted, which we already did in the garden anyway. ‘Growing your own’ gives you instance fresh (and ripe) food, with a taste that can’t be matched by any large retailer. Our ‘gluts’ are shared with family, friends and neighbours, so everyone gains. This year might be different though – it’s hard to battle the weather and the slugs and snails continue to grow fatter and larger as the crops disappear!
    And – for those not in the know: whilst snails may well be edible – they aren’t if there’s Ivy, which they love, growing in their habitat!

  3. I am keen to get involved with any schemes that help the hospitality industry waste less food and redistribute it. Is this happening yet in Bristol and how can I get involved?

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