Food Justice

February update

One City Food Equality Strategy and Action Plan  

“Food equality exists when all people, at all times, have access to nutritious, affordable and appropriate food according to their social, cultural and dietary needs. They are equipped with the resources, skills and knowledge to use and benefit from food, which is sourced from a resilient, fair and environmentally sustainable food system.” A One City Food Equality Strategy for Bristol, 2022 – 2032.

Feeding Bristol are working in partnership with Bristol City Council and the One City Office to develop the city’s first Food Equality Strategy and Action Plan.  

The Bristol One City Food Equality Strategy was officially launched in June 2022 as part of Bristol’s Food Justice Week. Developed through stakeholder workshops and community conversations, the strategy defines food equality as expressed by the people of Bristol. It explores the current shortfalls in achieving food equality and sets out a clear and ambitious vision for making Bristol a city where the experience of food has a positive impact on citizens’ emotional, physical and cultural wellbeing.  

The next stage is to develop a meaningful action plan, co-produced with people with lived experience of food inequality, to underpin and deliver on the strategy’s aims and ambition. This process is under way, with the Action Plan set to be complete in Spring 2023.  

The Action Plan will be an evolving document that uses an inclusive and collaborative process year after year, so that it is representative of, and relevant to, the people most affected by food inequality and injustice.  

Cost-of-living crisis support  

Work to alleviate food insecurity due to the cost-of-living crisis has been taking place since the summer. As well as sitting on the city-wide Cost-Of-Living Coordination Group, Feeding Bristol have been working in partnership with Bristol City Council to distribute almost half a million pounds to food support settings across the city. Bristol Food Support Lists were developed to improve communication about food support available in different areas, they are updated regularly and wil be added to the new Feeding Bristol website in the coming months.  

Planning has started to take place for this year’s Food Justice Fortnight – more information about events and how to get involved to follow!  


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