The Bristol Good Food Charter

The Bristol Good Food Charter (download the pdf here)

From the charter:

Good food is vital to the quality of people’s lives in Bristol. As well as being tasty, healthy and affordable, the food we eat should be good for nature, good for workers, good for local businesses and good for animal welfare.

Building on Bristol’s rich food history and culture, this Bristol good food charter is designed to celebrate good food and to bring individuals and institutions together to increase the demand and supply of fresh, seasonal, local and organic food throughout the city.

If you believe that everyone should be able to enjoy good food, sign up to the principles in this Charter and commit to doing one thing to help make it happen.

The principles of good food

good for people
everyone should have access to information, training and resources that enable them to grow, buy, cook, and enjoy good food.

good for places
the public and policy-makers should support and value food enterprises who promote local jobs, prosperity and diversity, and treat workers well.

good for the planet
food should be produced, processed, distributed and disposed of in ways that benefit nature.

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