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#BristolFoodKind: Reducing food waste

By Ramona Andrews

Our latest blog post shares some of the highlights of the Bristol Food Kind campaign linked to food waste – from reviving carrots in a jar of water, to using up black bananas, to starting a wormery. Using the hashtag #BristolFoodKind, please let other citizens in the city know what you’re doing to ensure that you eat what you buy, and buy what you eat.

Our campaign #BristolFoodKind offers people staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic practical ideas on how to shop, reduce food waste and grow at home in a way that is good for individuals and the wider community. We’ve had a fantastic response with so many people and companies across social media sharing their tips and experiences, so thought we’d share some of the highlights.

One of the areas people have been particularly engaging with is reducing food waste. The current situation has really brought into focus how we need to build a healthier relationship with our food by respecting the food we buy, the food we already have, and the food we throw away. Through considering what food is being wasted you can be kind to yourself and your community at this difficult time by making sure that there’s enough for all, saving money and reducing the strain on retailers and waste collectors. The Bristol Food Network website has a list of helpful tips for reducing waste, alongside plenty of useful links. And from the looks of all these recipe ideas for leftovers, tips for refreshing soggy veg and wormeries, lots of you have been inspired!


  • Using up past-their-best, black bananas in banana oat biscuits by @sarahHargr
  • Soaking squishy carrots to rehydrate and regain their crunch from @grown_it
  • Encouraging people to agree a menu plan, write a shopping list and know how you’re using every item by @uob_sus
  • Starting a wormery (@greenhouse_PR) to further reduce food waste
  • Offering advice about using coffee grinds by @ResourceFutures
  • Turning banana peel into fake “bacon” from @grown_it
  • Advising how to keep fruit fresher for longer from @uob_sus

Bristol Waste Company’s Community Engagement Officer Gemma has made a short video for children to learn about food waste and to introduce a their food waste BINgo game! 

We encourage parents looking for inspiration for home-schooling to take a look at Bristol Food Network’s list of ideas, activities and resources to find appropriate and high-quality content, with lots of ideas linked to thinking about food waste. Or be inspired by the #BristolFoodKind grow your own highlights.

#BristolFoodKind is a collaboration between Bristol Green Capital PartnershipBristol Food NetworkBristol City Council and Resource Futures.

Visit Bristol Food Network for more information and resources on Bristol’s Good Food response to the pandemic.

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