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Herbal Sharing Circle with Moon Tea and Winter Recipes

Royate Hill Community Orchard

Royate Hill Community Orchard, off Royate Hill, East Bristol, BS5 6RN

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The Herbal Sharing Circle is an occasion to get together and share experiences, knowledge, uses, recipes and stories about and around one plant. This time, however, organiser Sarah Dhorne proposes something slightly different, and instead of talking about one plant, it will be about sharing winter herbal recipes.
This is a FREE event as the idea is to learn from each other, although donations for the Community Orchard are welcome.
As in the previous circles, there will be a tasting, this time it will be a Moon Milk. There are a lot of possible variations – for this event, Sarah will bring warm oat milk with Ashwagandha and Cinnamon.
There will be a fire to sit around. From comforting hot chocolate variations to cold and flu teas, tinctures, syrup or infused vinegar, everything you want to share about is heartily welcome! If you feel like it, you can bring preparations you made to show and/or share.

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