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WIN £25 of food by getting the #BiteBackBetter conversation started!

By Ramona Andrews

Any movement that looks to create meaningful change for citizens has to help create conversations, as well as build on what is already happening in the local area. That’s why we wanted to ask the city these two open questions as part of the launch of the Bristol Bites Back Better campaign:

  1. If a few of your neighbours were interested in doing an activity around food, what activity would motivate you to get involved and why?
  2. Is there a group or individual in your neighbourhood helping to create positive change around food? Who are they and what are they doing that inspires you?

To thank you for contributing your thoughts and getting the #BiteBackBetter conversation started we are offering five prizes of £25 worth of food in a prize draw.

If you haven’t yet answered the questions yet, head to the Bristol Bites Back Better competition page. Bristol Bites Back Better is the new campaign from the Bristol Going for Gold team that empowers Bristolians to create a food system that will nourish our city far into the future.

The winners will have a number of options to choose food that is convenient and appealing from a selection of Bristol’s best local retailers. Winners can choose to redeem their £25 at any of these outlets:

Spices in Sweetmart

Sweetmart (Easton)

A Bristol institution, this much-loved shop on the famous St Mark’s Road is known for its fantastic range of produce. From fresh fruit and veg, to all kinds of wholefoods and spices, to artisan local produce, Sweetmart has it all.

Better Food (St Werburghs, Clifton, Wapping Wharf)

Vegetables in Better Food

Another Bristol institution, Better Food stocks the finest local produce and prides itself on delivering producers a fair price for their goods. They have an exceptional sustainability and ethics policy and you can spend your money here knowing that the products in your basket have had to pass their rigorous standards.

Heart of BS13 (Hartcliffe)

Heart of BS13 veg box with flower

This thriving community centre is made up of a number of projects, including the Kitchen Garden Enterprise which shares a passion for locally grown produce (fruit, veg and cut flowers) and education via vocationally based apprenticeships, as well as helping the residence of BS13 gain knowledge and skills in horticulture. The Kitchen Garden Enterprise’s fresh, chemical-free and seasonal vegetables are then used in the meals prepared by their chefs for the Real Meal Store. The allotment and roundhouse spaces are home to a variety of therapeutic horticultural programmes, that can be tailored to the individual or groups.

Competition winners can use their voucher to redeem against one of their lovely Christmas hampers or to order a Christmas veg box.

You will have the chance to find out more about the wonderful world of Heart of BS13 in our webinar with them on 8th December! Details coming soon.

Arthur David (city-wide delivery)

Arthur David vegetables

Arthur David Food with Service is a family-run business, established in 1962, supplying fresh fruit and veg, ambient and frozen goods, dairy products and prepared vegetables. With the business having recently embarked upon their journey to becoming more sustainable and their origins in small-scale fruit and veg growing and selling, they are keen to rebuild the connection we have to our food and, in doing so, our planet. Culture and people are the core of Arthur David, and they believe this to be the nucleus of their sustainability mission.

PV Turner Fresh Fruit and Veg (Kingswood)

PV Turner shop front

This hugely popular local greengrocer has been at the heart of Kingswood shopping centre for 19 years. Offering beautiful, fresh and well-priced fruit and veg of all sorts, with clearly labelled origin countries, it’s a great small, family business to spend your money with.

Once the competition closes on the 15th we will randomly select five winners on the 16th. Winners can then choose where to redeem the £25 winnings and the Bristol Bites Back Better team will make arrangements for you to do so.

Good luck!

Visit www.bristolbitesbackbetter.co.uk to explore resources, discover stories, and participate in the conversation on social media using the hashtag #BiteBackBetter. Sign up for the Bristol Bites Back Better newsletter for regular updates about our city’s food and how we can build a more resilient food future.

The need for a resilient food community has never been greater. The coronavirus pandemic has already led to unforeseen challenges for our city’s food system, and unimagined resourcefulness from communities and organisations across Bristol. Read more about why ‘going green’ is good for your business.

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