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Coexist Community Kitchen: Full of Beans!

Coexist Community Kitchen

The Coexist Community Kitchen, Mivart Street Studios, Unit 10 Epstein Building, Bristol, BS5 6JF

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What springs to mind when you think of ‘beans’? Chances are, the tinned baked variety and the infamous ‘beans, beans they’re good for your heart…’ rhyme are pretty high up on the list.

Beans have formed the backbone of many food cultures around the world for 1000s years. Whilst the health benefits of including more beans, pulses and legumes into your diet have been well documented, many of us in the UK are unsure how to cook beans, and most importantly how to make them delicious.

This cooking class is here to expand your bean horizons. During the class, we will explore the difference in taste, texture and cost between tinned, jarred and cooked from dried beans*. Focussing on a selection of countries from around the world where bean recipes have been tried, tested and perfected over the years, you will learn how to cook beans to achieve maximum flavour, and hopefully incorporate them into your daily diet.

We will finish the class with a bean feast, tasting the dishes cooked during the class.

Menu taught during the class:

  • Bessara (fava bean) soup with harissa, from Morocco
  • Black beans with pickled onions, from Mexico
  • Baked butter bean and egg frittata with greens, from Italy
  • Cannellini bean and lemon cake
  • Black bean brownie

*We want to showcase the variety and versatility beans can offer us, and will be using Hodmedod beans (grown and cultivated in the UK!) for some of the dried bean class recipes.

**This class is vegan and gluten free friendly 🙂 


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