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Food Justice Fortnight

By Nicola Deschamps

Nicola Deschamps

Our latest story is by volunteer Nicola Deschamps about Food Justice Fortnight, which kicks off in June. This is an annual event hosted by the independent charity Feeding Bristol and its partner organisations. This year’s event takes place from Sunday 23 June to Saturday 6 July and will focus on sharing food stories to help bring together Bristol’s communities.  

Feeding Bristol is dedicated to raising awareness of food-related issues faced by communities and working in partnership with Bristol City Council’s public health team on policies and strategies to address food inequality. The charity wants everyone in the city to access nutritious, affordable food relevant to their heritage.  

Food is a universal ‘language’ that all humans have in common. It has the power to connect people, encourage understanding, and build bridges. Through food, people can express themselves: their culture, feelings, values, and beliefs, creating a strong sense of belonging and community.   

Photo by Luke Cass

Food Justice Fortnight is not just an event; it’s a movement that puts food at the heart of decision-making. The event encourages community discussion and collaboration about achieving fair access to food for all and a sustainable food system. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate the dedication of food charities and organisations that make a difference in Bristol’s communities.  

Residents are invited to join free community-focused activities across the city plus one ticketed fundraising event. There will be opportunities to attend cookery workshops, a film screening, supper clubs, farm tours, networking events, panel discussions, learn food skills, and share food with neighbours. 

The cost-of-living crisis has increased the difficulties experienced by many such as those on low incomes, the marginalised or vulnerable.  Many food-focused organisations help people throughout the year by teaching skills, sharing meals, providing food parcels, and running food banks. 

Feeding Bristol wants to help build community networks and explore new ideas and catalysts for beneficial change. For next year’s event, the charity hopes that existing partner organisations and new ones will be inspired to connect and drive the 2025 agenda, focusing on areas they know will make a real difference. Connecting and creating links between organisations can help encourage and support those tirelessly working to drive positive change and life improvements. 

Last year’s event was a great success, with all tickets taken or sold. The organisers are committed to including as many residents as possible, offering most activities free of charge. They are eager to ensure that everyone who requests tickets uses them to avoid turning away people who want to come and be part of this inspiring event. Anyone no longer able to use their tickets should email Feeding Bristol to redistribute tickets to those who can attend.  

For more information on Food Justice Fortnight contact Feeding Bristol.  

Nicola Deschamps (ANutr) is a nutritionist, author and editor:

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