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Bokashi Making Workshop with Bristol Living Soil

Bristol Living Soil

Bridge Farm, Glenfrome Road, BS16 1BQ

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Bokashi Making and shared Pot-luck Lunch. Bristol Living Soil is hosting a workshop on bokashi-making with the innovative and inspiring Matt Dunwell from Ragmans Farm.

Bokashi is a dry, crumbly, fermented mixture of bran and molasses, designed to be added to food waste before composting. It contains microscopic bacteria, yeasts and fungi that work together to: speed-up composting, suppress pathogens, prevent putrefaction and help with the smell.

Bristol Living Soil has been buying and sharing bokashi among members, who sprinkle it into their Bristol Living Soil buckets. We are now keen to learn how to make our own.

In this workshop Matt will:

– Introduce the basics of composting, and its benefit to soil and plants.
– Demonstrate how to make and use bokashi, which is specially useful for composting meat, dairy and cooked food.
– Take part in a Q&A about all the different aspects and experiences he’s picked up in over 30 years at Ragmans Farm.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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