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Food Waste

See what actions the Bristol Good Food Partnership are prioritising to tackle food waste here in the city and check in on the latest progress updates.

What’s it about?

In Bristol, every 1.3 seconds, enough edible food is wasted to make a meal, and yet people across the city are experiencing hunger and food insecurity. Meanwhile, food sent to landfill and resources wasted in growing food for cities like ours that never gets eaten is fuelling the climate crisis. With around 80% of all food-consumption taking place in urban areas, cities like Bristol have a really important role to play in preventing food waste.

Keep coming back to this page to find out more about the Bristol Good Food Partnership’s priorities to tackle food waste in Bristol. If you have an idea about how the city can work on this issue in Bristol by 2030, join the conversation using the form below.


Bristol Good Food 2030 aims to take a whole food system approach, meaning that the work considers and takes action on food in many settings, involving key actors at every level. Here are the priorities for the Food Waste theme:

  •  Educational campaigns reduce the amount of food wasted by households.
  •  The majority of organisational food waste will be separated and sent for digestion 
  • Organisations improve waste prevention at the production and consumption stages.
  • More food surplus is redistributed before becoming waste.
  • Work together as a city to tackle single-use plastics. This includes food outlets, retailers, workplaces, universities and council buildings eliminating single-use plastic items from their operations and supply chain.

Progress Updates

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